The Narrow Path

March 2, 2008

The path narrowed
Trees reached for the earth
Leaves broadened
My sense of brooding thickened
I took a deep breath of moist green air
Continued on the path

The sage had been clear
Path would be unclear
Yet he urged
I pay little heed
And remember the prize that lay ahead

For centuries it awaited a new soul
Willing to trust the ancient whispers
Longing to grasp the fullness of the treasure
The treasure that glistens and glows
The treasure that is life
The treasure that a man’s heart knows

And so
I blinked a long blink
Took another deep breath
And walked on

Several hours felt like several ages
Feet refused to obey my command
Mind refused to care
I sat for a time to rest
Closed my eyes and slept

I remember being startled
Followed by a moment of great fear
Beast before me was quite large
Covered by many shades of gray
And many browns

I saw very little white
Until I looked at his eyes
There was a wisdom that was unspeakable
And a kindness inexplicable
The timeless light of the great wolf
Shone through his knowing eyes

I asked but one question
"Am I dreaming?"

His response is etched in my mind
My hope is that his words will there forever remain
But in the case that they do not
I write his words here
For all who care to read them

Greetings young one
It is good to see you again
I have waited long for your return
I have waited long to impart this knowledge
I have waited long for you

You have learned that we are one
You have lived the lessons of life
You have loved the teachings of love
You have taught the meaning of forever
And rode the timeless winds of creation

Your lessons will continue
Much hunger you have to learn
No longer must you walk alone
Seeking what others discern

The elders are beside you
In wind and mind and rain
The life you once awakened
Is here where you remain

The dream of life surrounds you
Each moment you are alive
Accept the sacred teachings
And wake when they arrive

Dream the dream of life
Dance the dance of dreams
Wake from hell’s deception
Hear the eerie screams

The screamer screams forever
The lover is always loved
Choose your path and walk it
In this the dawning of

Questions asked and answered
Answers sought and found
No reason left for burdens
Untie what has you bound

Leap and live in love
Take the final plunge
Rise above the miseries
Let the universe expunge

Why are you still dreaming?
Why not just awake?
Peace and love pervade
Let longing not forsake

My expression lightened
His joy twinkled
In the white of knowing eyes

I braved a thin smile
As he turned and walked away

Type: Poetry

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