Desire's Desire

September 11, 2005

longing, searching, wanting, tasting
actions that lead us, steer us, guide us
programmed, engrained, all that we are
wanting the longing to be fulfilled

for what do we long? our mind cannot know
for whom do we search? the heart's unmet woe
ten thousand lost days, endlessly astray
desires of the eye, meandering of the mind

the irony of it all, causes even the willow to be still
and the secret is revealed to but a few
those few who risk a leap, a saltation, into the abyss
where the riddle is solved, the mystery unfolds, the misery erodes

desire of the world, for the world, to the world
cannot be satiated by the world that causes the desire
we break the chain of misery when we allow it to erode
the mystery unfolds as the rose in the warm sun

unseen to all eyes, but the one that is open
the answer to the riddle
is that desire cannot fulfill desire
but misery is eroded by love

and love is from above
we open our eyes
and the angels fly by

and the gift we see
is love
and all is peace

Type: Poetry

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