October 4, 2003

I sit here alone in my misery
Trying so hard to find peace
The answers, they all elude me
I don't understand what I've done.

I try to make sense of my life today
Wonder what things I've done wrong
Everyone in my life has abandoned me
I must have done something to deserve this place

Did I not express kindness and love?
Did I not utter words that were true?
Have I not given all that I am?
What more was I supposed to do?

I've been honest and truthful and faithful
Patient, kind, loving and true
I gave all that I am to another
Was there something that I didn't do?

I pray to my God for the answers
I hope that my life will go on
But I find that I just can't keep living
In the chaos and misery I own.

God, as always, is faithful
He answers my desperate plea
Sends another with understanding to help me
Delivers me back to where I'm free.

Type: Poetry

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