two eyes, one view

February 18, 2008

two eyes
two visions
sensory cues
images stored
retrieved from the mind's eye
echoes of yesterday
ripples into tomorrow
touching today
meeting in an instant
can one eye perceive depth?
can two eyes not project?
memories of a distant view
perceptions of a moment new
seen by one or two
undertake the next coup
thoughts, visions, feelings, beliefs
coupled with another's
creating a new reality
ride the new waves
curtail the resistance
recognize the new reality
built on a word
and a look
and a dream
in an instant
here and now
hear and know
see and renew
be and believe
trust and perceive
in a moment conceive
and all is well
here in this space in time
where two meet
and join
as one

Type: Poetry

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