Love's Burgeoning Essence

February 18, 2008

Wonderment of fragrant delight,
Blooming in the morning dew,
Indeed a dim prelude,
To a hint of beauty most true.

Waiting with effort in the garden,
Confidently smiling, I sip my tea.
Feigning calm and peace,
I wait anxiously for thee.

I stand as love approaches;
Pray for a smidgen of resolve;
Overwhelming art thine beauty;
This time, I dare not dissolve.

Accepting your hand, pale and fair,
Gently raise it to a waiting smile,
With boldness, brave a wish,
Ne'er return to solitude erstwhile.

Love's essence burgeoning,
Touching two lives this day,
Leaving for just an instant,
I raise mine eyes and pray.

Type: Poetry

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