Love's Present Breeze

February 17, 2008

Sun shines bright this new morn,
Illuminating the small creatures' awakening.
Winter's time of sleep will soon cease;
Spring touches the trees' buds,
Invites the songbirds' return.

Breezes, small and subtle, move us,
As we bow before the ebbs of seasons' tides.
There is a peace unimaginable;
It rides the Light that touches all observers,
As we walk the beautiful path of life before us.

Yesterday's chilling winds of change,
Tested our resolve and faith in today's fate.
Today we journey again joined as one.

The Universe's gifts arrayed before us in splendor,
We raise our eyes to the sun,
Dance in the warming spring breeze;
We are here and now in peaceful joy,
Rejoicing in the great Love that is our birthright.

For Joddy

Type: Poetry

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