Blink of an Eye

February 17, 2008

The blink of her right eye
Convinced me of her words
I said I'd follow her anywhere
And I did

Into the dark closet
The sun no longer shone
The foul odors nagging
Coming from places unknown

Remembering the sunlight
As he pushed me on the swing
Warm rays, warmer love
And the songs I heard him sing

Wondering yet again
Why would she torment me so?
These question that gnaw at my mind
Why doesn't daddy seem to know?

Deeper into the darkness
Only place left to hide
Colors around the next bend
Where evils no longer reside

I think I hear her coming
I need to hurry away
Lost in darker caverns
Refuse to longer stay

Haunted by the blink of an eye
Prisoner to the oldest shame
Welcome to the depths of hell
She's calling again my name

Type: Poetry

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