losing you, finding us

September 8, 2005

did i mention the way your voice makes me quiver?
how the thought of losing your love brings a shiver?
once tender, i walked away from pain
new surrender, pain won't take the rain

when i say the right thing, you send me away
when i say the wrong thing, you beg me to stay
when i say nothing, love wins the day
exposing the fallacy of causing the way

perfect future we painted on the sky
fear of the light, peace before we die
day and night we asked and asked why
beauty of the answer leads the stone to cry

this time is different, drama dismissed
no clever rhymes, no justified rage
honest questions, instead, lead the way
left with understanding, peace

a grimace
a final sigh
one last tear...

and then...
we risk...
a smile

thank you
i love you

Type: Poetry

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