January 28, 2008

reflecting the overhead sun
spotless, gleaming clean
flawless in her finish
worthy of a very long look

sheen of brilliant fire
highlights pure and bright
metal and rubber and glass
architected to still the soul

perfectly balanced creation
stunning while standing still
mind's eye takes a new look
as she leaves her place of rest

engine reaches for a new high
as the driver readies for launch
crowd holds in a collective breath
as the moments stretch too long

tires squeal a fervent song
strength in the wrenching sound
subtle smile born deep within
as the beast finds its purpose

through the gears, speed is born
harnessed explosions from deep within
driver finds his home again
in the rushing drug of adrenaline

deep throaty rumbling
fire-breathing beast
surely moving a man's heart
sensations of ultimate thrust

Type: Poetry

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