Come to Me

January 26, 2008

With every new and dawning day
Song of the heart grows sweeter
Song of love I sing to you
Song that's here and now and true

You touch the deepest depth I know
And deeper still, far down below
Fire burns, stoked by your air
Perfumed and delicate, everywhere

Pervading life, invading my all
Tearing down the final wall
Take me, lover, steal my heart
Let passion's presence never depart

Gentle and pure, your feminine charms
Tame the wild beast in me
I'm the man that's made for you
Perfect mate, sacred and true

Feel the waves of my crazed desire
Infernal feelings, flowing strong
Offer me again your soul
Come to me, divine and whole

This is, of course, dedicated to the one true love of my life, my ever beautiful, ever faithful, ever loving, wonderfully unique and real, one and only Lavender Lady...

Type: Poetry

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