January 12, 2008

Drifting down the wide and slow stream
Sun departed from a warm, bright day
Fireflies accompany on the graceful trip
Reflection of the moon showing the way

Close the eyes and look to the silence
Darkness pervades every new thought
Ancient terrors of time long forgotten
Fighting battles that needn't be fought

Sins and transgressions of mind arrive
Deadly visions sparked by the fear
Pridefully taking the peace of the ride
Quickly losing all that's held clear

Faithfully trusting the stream of all love
Jealousy and envy are quickly dissolved
Gluttony and greed have no home in peace
Wrath loses strength where grace is involved

Continue the ride down the stream of real life
Sloth is no more when we choose to take the oar
Lust is forgotten in a moment of true love
Enjoy the calm journey, now and evermore

Type: Poetry

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