Night's Moonlit Beauty

January 9, 2008

Walking through the night's moonlit beauty
Reached out and touched your waiting heart
Thoughts mixed with feelings of strong desire
Combining and drifting and moving ever closer

Twinkling stars far above the perfect scene
Called to mind the smallness of this coupling
You and I and millions of millions of others
Galaxies of wonder in dazzling bright eyes

Yet in the midst of the overwhelmingness of all
Not really in our deepest essence all that small
Part of a universe of galaxies of oceans of love
One in the waters, divine home of Providence

Drifting through the night's moonlit beauty
Riding the oceans of stars rising before us
Unified in the great ebb and flow of forever
Combining and loving and moving ever closer

Dedicated to my wonderful and beautiful princess, my one and only, my now and forever, my most precious gift, my lovely and divine Lavender Lady...

Type: Poetry

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