Learning to love my Lavender Lady

January 8, 2008

From the first conversations
Strong winds blew my soul
Soothing this tired desert
Your kindness made me whole

Passionately surrendered
Through a waterfall of tears
You're the one I so long prayed for
Days and months and years

Met you in my dreamless nights
Watched you from Creation's view
Coming together, connecting, one
Beautiful union, precious and new

Distance made the days seem long
Storms and sorrows and fears to lose
Leaving burdens in the Cradle of Hope
In passion and peace, emotions confuse

But time and distance made us strong
Weathering winds and rains and fog
Learning the lessons while holding hands
Touch the turtle and smile at the frog

Seeking God in each new day
Sought His will, together we prayed
We lived in Light, in Gratitude's way
Careful not to stay dismayed

Give and take, through push and pull
Chose to live and enjoy and laugh
Images and words shared as we walked
Poems and love notes and a tall giraffe

Living life each day with you
In days of rain, bright sun, or shady
Growing stronger as two and one
Learning to love my Lavender Lady

Type: Poetry

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