awakenings rising

September 5, 2005

fog rising from the ripples of muck
beams of the moon break through
clarity in thought dawning

petals float on the thoughts
growing smile from the child within
hope is born in an instant of grace

vibrations formed, the song begins
anticipation of greatness rides on the notes
faith is the melody shared in joy

spiders dance on the wafts of the wind
collective dreams spun, fears cast aside
surrender to the wholeness of one

chrysalis stirs in the only world ever known
violent risk of the pain of breaking free
trust in the light beyond the veil

ancient trees reaching high above
death of wisdom leaves room for new lessons
fire renews, creates the void, space for change

seeds sown in the seasons of miracles
life breaks through, spiraling towards the heavens
awakening in love, contentment of the universe

Type: Poetry

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