a perfect storm

December 16, 2007

obscured by the weather
windows, fogged, dim the view
remembering the scene
bright, hopeful thoughts of you

dream through the night
eyes opened in the storm
longing for return
of old days, safe and warm

begging for the grace
heal this weary soul
longing for forgiveness
return to ancient whole

confusion settles in
ever-present friend
prepare for coming blizzard
watchful 'til the end

remembering the moments
when life was plain and blue
doubt and insecurity
painful to review

outside the storm begins
inside storm gains strength
measuring a life of growth
by breadth and width and length

early memories fill the scene
child of a quiet abode
nowhere to express the soul
to sing the heart's great ode

to touch, to hug, to feel, to be
rarely known in this dim life
trudging onward drearily
joy unknown, but also strife

sought and found the shallow cures
to keep the heart from feeling real
pushed emotions deep within
as feelings grew, so too, did zeal

walked alone, while in a crowd
darkened room and darkened mind
deeper into evil's trap
looked with fervor, yet never find

to the line and then beyond
raucous mind, losing sound
insanity freed, bound in chains
seeking quiet, chaos found

lost it all to find the truth
to feel, connect, to be, to live
loving creation's perfect child
release the self and choose to give

outside the winds are gaining strength
but, inside, all is safe and warm
journey of a lifetime lived
remembered in a perfect storm

Type: Poetry

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