newfound love

December 13, 2007

Let go of the concept that it matters if i have done something wrong. Let go of the concept that it matters if another has done something wrong. Let go of everything. Be in God's grace and peace.

into the one true heart
touching the rivers that flow
flowing from the inmost heart
where love pervades thought
and thought pervades fear
and fear dissolves

walk into the new light
open to love with no condition
removing the old sense of self
finding a deeper and holier way
to love as the Creator loves
in perfection and totality

how can i love my brother?
how can he love God's son?
take the a destined taste of divinity
know that we are truly one

believe in these truths
and these truths will become real
taste the fire's sweetness
live it in perfect zeal

abandon all right
to fear or heal or change
accept me as i am
believe that all is right
change not what God has made
rest in this moment's sacred peace

why do you still seek?
why search for what is found?
remove the final walls
loose chains with which we're bound

know that all is perfect
designed in timeless peace
accept with newfound vigilance
fear, anger, need - now release

Type: Poetry

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