Song of Holy Love

December 3, 2007

Holy one of God
Touched by a moving force
Dancing and swaying in the holy flow
Union of God's servants in love
Lost in the perfection
Filled in the colors
Catching a hint of the Sacred Scent
Living Water of God's Holy Presence
Deeper and deeper we fall
Into the Heart of God
Desire grows with each beat
Song of the Love of Jesus
Following the impulses of a Presence
Holy Spirit of God moving
God's children following
Joining with the angels in song
Perfection in this holy moment
One in wondrous love
Pausing between the beats
Time slows
Love flows
Peace grows
Master sows
Glory shows
And in the very next thought
With the very next breath
God's love fills us
Jubilant screams from a heart of surrender
Welcome to the place
Of bliss
In Him
Love of God
Love of God pervades
Love of God invades
Fire of God consumes
Children of God pause
and breathe
and smile

Type: Poetry

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