December 1, 2007

Walking along the path of life
I paused for a moment's rest
Breathed in a large portion of the morning's air
And thanked the flowers for being there

The song from the trees was rich and sweet
The birds were singing it just for me
And the sun shone bright this brand new day
As I took a moment to pause and pray

In silent words I spoke to you
Searched my heart for all I sought
Offered you my mind and soul
Take me Father, in part and whole

Blessed morning, you and me
Walking on in glory and peace
Fill me Lord with grace and love
Serenaded by creatures above

Walking on, I brave a smile
Life with you is grand and kind
New days spring in childlike joy
Make this man a carefree boy

Walking along the path of life
Each day loving, feeling, giving
Learning lessons, being alive
Holy serenity, here, now, dive

Type: Poetry

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