Break Me

December 1, 2007

Father God,

The words escape me
Lead me, guide me
Form the thoughts in my mind

In your perfect glory
All is healed and serene
Please, Lord, take me there

In your forever grace
Love is eternal and here
Hold me in your warm hands

Let me cry these final tears
Take from me the dark sorrows
Release from the snares that bind

Looking back for a moment
I remember your great miracles
Touch me yet again, dear Father

Drifting into the infinite waves of bliss
Your heart and mine are joined
In the rippling reflection of life's stream

Take this child's wounded soul
Hold this child's weeping heart
Relieve me from the misery and loss

I thank you for the brokenness
As I pull you close to me
Amplify and strengthen my need

Let our wills be joined
Let me not need to know why
I surrender to your perfection

Take from me my will
I offer all I ever will be
In your heart's peace, I am free

In you is all I desire
With you is where I remain
Break me, take me, hold me, heal me


Type: Poetry

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