what is love?

August 31, 2005

god is love
love is god
truth is connected
the dream is alone
love is never alone
aloneness is never in love

love of another is love of god
love of god is expressed by loving others
love is the expression and acceptance of the spirit that we share
when i believe i am in love with another's humanity, i am in the void
when i believe i am in love with the god that lives in another, i am in truth

all that i believe i perceive in this world is untrue
truth dwells within the collective spirit of god that we share
only love is truth
all truth dwells in love

acceptance of the truth of love brings peace, strength, joy, healing
clinging to the lie of the void protects misery, fear, sadness, loss

when we choose hope, we begin the journey of the miles
when we choose love, we arrive at the holiness of miracles

Type: Poetry

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