Lover's Song

November 10, 2007

my lover's song for you flows on

in the great dark chasm of eternity

bliss rises free

from the colored streams

this new morning
we are in love
our love reaches new heights
my wings rest on your thoughts
floating with all and no care
into your perfect softness

dance this newfound trance

let me fill your soul in love

let me flood your heart with flames bright and hot

let me be all that you have ever desired

this perfect day
in sacred mystery's high heavens
the flowing of divinity begins again
and we are joined in holy unity
in the presence of the most high God
our Lord and Creator
King of all hearts
Maker of all thoughts
Source of all passion
Fire of all souls

let us rise forever in this new awakening

let us sing forever in wondrous love

let us be together joined in His hand

let us live forever in bliss and peace

be mine
now and forever
be mine

i love you

Type: Poetry

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