Fragrance of Perfection

November 9, 2007

Sweet fragrance of perfection
Touches my deepest soul
This love is everlasting
I give you my heart, whole

Kiss of gentle bliss
Caresses all I am
Blessings of a Shepherd
Covering this young lamb

Greatest gift the world has known
True love from God's own hand
Let's sing the song to all who hear
To ears in all the land

My darling,

You are beautiful and lovely and wonderful. I have perfect belief that God has created and blessed and rejoices in this holy and sacred union. The deeper I look into your heart and mine, the more I see the glorious and present divine. That you have become my wife is my greatest source of joy. My smile is brighter; my heart is lighter; my spirit flies in your overwhelming love. Thank you for inspiring and helping me to live yet another poem. I love you.

Eternally yours,

Type: Poetry

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