A Loving Husband's Loving Prayer

October 27, 2007

Dear God, I pray...

Purify my eyes that I may see only beauty
When I look into the eyes of Your daughter
When I gaze into the heart of this precious gift
When my mind's eye sees her sacred essence

Grant me the wisdom to see Your will in us
Grant me the courage to accept what I see
Grant me the power to move thoughts to actions
Allow me the infinite privilege of loving her

Strengthen me that I may strengthen her
Fill me with the perfect peace of Christ
Let me be a vessel and a catalyst and a stream
Of all the good and perfect gifts You promise

Take from me any unloving thoughts or urges
Replace them with a hunger to serve and cherish
Let them not be given time or space or nourishment
But remove any seeds of doubt or fear from the path

In and with the Christ within, I pray that Your light
Be a strong beacon, a constant guide, a bright lantern
Let the glory of our presence flood the path to You
Let us shine the sacred light that all creation longs for

As we rejoice and praise Your holy and forever presence
As we weep at the glorious perfection of Your sacred face
As we sing and dance with the angels that surround
This new union of One, from wife and husband and God

Fill us forever with the fervent desire to live and shine
Make us a new and divine cup of Your unspeakable mercy
Be in every instant that follows a constant presence
Inflame us in the passionate fire that is Your love

Create in us an ever-growing and ever-flowing thirst
Never quench, but always satisfy, our need to be in You
Take us - mind, body, soul, Spirit, essence, two, One, All
As we bow in grateful and humble prayer to You

We love You.


Type: Poetry

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