August 28, 2005

Drama, trauma, lessons, pain, healing

The dog bites my hand and I feel pain
The pain stresses the love I believe exists
The pain causes a gulf between me and the dog
I kick the dog ... sweet revenge, anger wins

The gift of this encounter, is not the pain I feel
The gift the dog has given me is I am allowed to heal
The dog has blessed my life today, by lighting the fire of rage
When I trust my God enough to know, the fire has opened my heart

When I call to mind the truths I've learned in this time and the last
When I pause to let the mysteries fall, releasing for a moment the past
It is clear to me that life in this realm is designed to bring me good
I choose the faith in the Holy Fire's power, and the impermanance of wood

My friend, the dog, exposed the myth
He gave me a chance to change
When the peace of God is in my heart
His light feeds the answers within

The truth that is within me
The love that is of God
That love cannot be touched by fire
For an instant, I am One

Type: Poetry

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