Edges of Sanity

October 16, 2007

In retrospect
He wishes he had pulled the trigger

Ice cubes on the floor
Static in the ear
Anger growing
Pencil with a broken lead
Message of mystery

Last night's dream
Blood on his shirt
Confusing feelings of lust
Running breathless through the alley
Where does the road end?

Intimacy continues to bloom
As he touches the sharp blade
Deep in his jacket pocket
Senses that a memory is dawning
Screams at the thought

Simplicity of the deepest connection
One life steals another's breath
Warm flow trickles down his leg
Dares to take a taste
Smiles at his new prize

Lines between real and dream
Blurs between sane and not
He shudders at the thought
And is surprised when he hears
The deep laughter that erupts
As he wakes

Type: Poetry

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