August 27, 2005

The bells ring in the morning
And cause my heart to stir
I shiver at the task ahead
Ancient fears, heart touched with dread

The yeast has caused this dough to rise
Day of preparation at hand
The working, the kneading, the pressing
His hands, they mold this bread

I know the fire causes not pain
He's taught me this lesson well
I've learned to have a bit of peace
Granted freely, generous helping, ringing bell

The echoes of my brethren
Support of loving hands
Walked before me on this day
Offer wisdom, share hope, lead the way

I steal a look at the me that was
Standing lost in the valley of hell
Though I've climbed quite far up this treacherous hill
I'm reminded, as always, choice remains... still

The choice of the ages, the choice of the mile
Choice of ancient sages, they look down and smile
I wonder if I may, reaching the turnstile
Put off the next stages, rest here a little while

Though trust is never easy, for one who fears his self
The wounds of yesterday's pain, make easier dreams of the mind
To trust we must release the selves, that bound the day first hurt
And surrender, with faith, seeing clearly, glimmering light of hope

I murder self to find the strength
To trust the God within
The secret that is peeking through
I choose, I trust, today, and life begins

Type: Poetry

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