a conversation with a sparrow

August 27, 2005

i was talking with a sparrow today
he seemed to be devoid of fear
it was a little strange talking to him
he giggled much more than he talked
and when i heard the joy in his song
my heart felt a bit overwhelmed by the loving jubilation
he exuded kindness
and had a lightness
i think he could fly
even without wings
he could fly
on the lightness of his song
on the weightlessness of his laugh
he was not at all weighed down by fear
nor by judgment
he didn't even judge himself
his light created a warmth
the warmth of perfect compassionate care
a hint of the love of god
and i wept for a time
and when i opened my eyes
he was gone
and then i knew
on the cusp of a flood of tears
that there was no cause for sorrow
because the sparrow was me
and then i wept even more
and drifted off to sleep

Type: Poetry

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