Dance of the Butterfly

August 30, 2003

A hundred lifetimes ago, I found a caterpillar
Treated her with such care
From her little box I found her in
She looked up with great despair

I cut a window in the box
So she could get some air
I fed her, nurtured her, watched her grow
Wonderful moments, did we share

Life without her was inconceivable
A find like her so rare
I promised I would never leave
Anything, anytime, anywhere

She became my life, my breath, my only want
The answer to my prayer
I watched her grow, each day, every day
Helping her to prepare

The day would come, when she would fly
New wings taking her to the air
One day I watched her leave the box
Never to return there

Our life of bliss continued
As we flew together without a care
I taught her to fly, helped her find the way
To a life beyond compare

Type: Poetry

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