August 24, 2005

Wondrous wonderment, the world starts to unfold
This moment, this heartbeat, this breath that I hold
Looking not at self, colors spring to life
Hues form, wings slice, belief ends the strife.

Light of the ages shines down on me
Her rays warm my bones, cause the shadows to flee
The shimmering hope that was born yesterday
Brings cause to my mind to take the risk to pray

Precious clarity in the ripples of the pond where I gaze
Eases out the burdens that kept this slave in haze
Though at times I believe that belief will not sustain
There is no other choice, but to seek or hide in vain.

So I walk on the path which leads to the one
And am filled in the crevices, healed by the sun
Ancient burdens of shame that forever held me down
Not in an instant, but gradually, cease to frown.

My faith which began as a leap to unknown
Grows as I water it, reaps where it's sown
And life as I choose it, with each risk I take
As I walk in the puddles, leave ripples in my wake.

Type: Poetry

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