Timeless Child

September 29, 2007

Timelessness began when I created the universe
Timelessness continued in nature's great flow
Timelessness ended when you ate the apple
There, the separation began
There, you begat what we were together
The further you choose to walk from me
The more time elapses
The more the ego forgets
The more the mind that oversees is distanced
The dream rushes on
As the child sits waiting
For the moment of reunion

As I exist outside of your time
I will wait forever for your inevitable return
As I persist in our perfect unity
I am here forever in your deepest thought

Rest from the dream for a time
Let time slow to a peaceful stop
And look to the child
Who waits patiently
The child is in you
The child is me

Inspired by ACIM lesson seven...

Type: Poetry

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