dance of ecstasy

August 24, 2007

A look into your eyes
in a moment you are captivated
by a gaze
into foreverness

lips taste the luscious moment
divinity unleashes the sparks
a moan escapes
without a thought

fingers find your hand
dance of love starts anew
sense of touch felt
warmth spreads

a thought occurs to me
never have my hands felt
so at peace
than in your hands' embrace

returning to the moment
i feel your tongue touch mine
thoughts of fire
burning sensations catch

sense of urgency rises
i need to be one with you
inside you

in just a few instants
we lay together
baring bodies, hearts, souls

sacred dance finds the dancers
joining in bliss with you
as the fire melts us
we are made one

love flows into eternity
as i find my place in you
and you make for me
our ecstatic new home

Type: Poetry

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