Opening Again

August 17, 2007

I opened my eyes, and there you were

Radiant in beauty, bubbling with calm joy

Waiting patiently for the moment I would return

To the soft landing place that is your heart

Spirits acquainted since time was new

Childish heart still explores and wanders

As the storm here is ending

So, too, is ending the storms of my fearful mind

Finding peace in oneness with you

Finding calm in the oneness with me

Rains of change, winds remain

As the rain stops, so does the wind find stillness

And the water flows to the river

And the river flows to the sea

You are the earth, strong and forever

I am the wind, the rain, the river, the sea

In harmony, we flow, we love, we remain

One heart, one mind, one ageless breeze

Together, forever, again

Type: Poetry

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