A visit from an old friend...

August 10, 2007

Walking home after some time at the fountain tonight, I was a little surprised to be greeted by an old friend. His deep voice brought me comfort as it had so many times before. Such wisdom in his timeless words. I picked him up and we sat on the bench by the street for a while. I listened with piqued interest as he began to sing me his latest song...

Riding on the winds of timeless change
Enjoying a moment's quiet refrain
Seen from within, all still remains

In the bright morning rays
Looked up toward the divine grays
Floating on the translucent haze
Phoenix rising, wings ablaze

Mind's ear knows the song's hues
Bending sounds of tomorrow's muse
Take the time for a little snooze
In foreverness

And with that, he closed his eyes for a moment... a moment that seemed to stretch into tomorrowness...

He winked and hopped off into the cool grass of the cool evening. Perhaps my friend the frog will grace me with another visit someday soon...

Type: Poetry

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