Guide Me

August 4, 2007

Tell me dear Lord
Guide my next step
Ancient surrenders
Your mind is my help

Rocky steep path
Toward the next place
Guide me to you
Show me your face

The battle is yours
I put down my sword
My mind and yours one
I need you dear Lord

Forgiveness and love
Let go of the fear
In each bold new step
My son, please draw near

I made you from me
Divine in each way
Snow melts from your soul
When you're in me this day

Open your heart
Dear child of mine
Learn, grow and touch
Each instant, divine

Take me Lord, deeper
I beg and I plead
Increase this great weakness
Make stronger my need

To you, I surrender
In you, I am peace
As humanity grows weaker
Let perfection increase

Guide me, dear Lord
Fill me with you
Let your way be my way
In all that we do

Type: Poetry

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