Path of Perfect Peace

July 28, 2007

From the mist of forgotten memories
From the midst of the timeless art
There lies the source of forgiveness
Healing the broken and contrite heart

Removed from the rusted chains
There where hope is born anew
Holy voice of salvation remains
Scores of angels sing for you

Flowing love of God set free
Higher path, last sacred sin
Open souls are those that see
Colors of life from deep within

My hope and wish and prayer is that you will all take a moment to find stillness. From the true stillness and quiet of the holy merging with God comes waves of perfect healing and radiant peace. May you find the peace and love of God within your perfect essence. May you see only the glorious goodness of a God of infinite love. May you surrender your very soul to the will of the Creator. In surrender, there is oneness. In oneness, there is a merging of wills. In the merging of wills, there is where peace remains.

Type: Poetry

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