Time's Rippling Ride

July 24, 2007

Through the place of daily noise
To the place of quiet inner strength
Around the bend of faith and trust
Dive into the dark abyss

Swim down and breathe the ooze
Dark stillness born of slick darkness
Rest for a moment there
And scream the final scream

Real stillness dawns there
And the colors of new dawn anew
Through the doorway of the instant
Time radiates and ripples through

Dive into the rainbow of newfound hues
True concentric lights ripple
This is where this instant in time
Meets the burgeoning of the old time

Close your eyes and breathe in deep
Prepare for the ride of your life
Be still for just another instant and invite
Let the waves of time's ripples enter you

When all sensations end forever
And only pure white thoughts persist
Look for the moment to stop the ride
Dive into an instant's new sleep

Brace yourself for the rush
As sensations of eternity start again
Find a deep new presence
Deep within your heart

Meet me in the future
Ride into days long gone
Live the life apart from time
Limits gone, methods divine

Type: Poetry

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